Residential vs. Commercial Dumpsters

Written on: September 26, 2022

What’s the difference?

types of dumpsters pennsylvaniaYou may be wondering about this. A dumpster is a dumpster, right?


There are different types of dumpsters depending on their application, and whether they are for residential or commercial purposes. We’ll walk through the types of dumpsters and their uses with you here.

Residential dumpsters

As their name implies, residential dumpsters are used in residential settings.

PRO Hauling carries dumpsters in a wide range of dumpster sizes so we have the right one for your project. Whether you need a small dumpster for a home decluttering project, a medium one for a bathroom renovation, or a large one for emptying the home of a loved one who has passed away, we’ve got you covered.

The PRO Hauling dumpsters are ideal for residential projects. For starters, they are designed and sized to fit an average residential driveway. However, that design also allows them to provide greater volume in spite of the smaller footprint.

We have extensive experience serving residential customers and it shows in our responsive, courteous service. For starters, we place the dumpster on protective wooden boards, so your driveway is protected. We also clean up the driveway once your dumpster is removed.

Commercial dumpsters

When you think of commercial dumpsters, you most likely think of the ones outside local businesses like restaurants that are designed for regular emptying by waste management companies. They often come with lids, as well as wheels so they can easily be moved around.

There are two kinds of those commercial dumpsters.

Front load dumpsters. As the name suggests, A front load garbage container is emptied into a waste removal truck from the front. It usually has a sloped top to enable trash to be dropped in. The container also has openings on each side for a waste truck to push its prongs and raise the dumpster. Front load dumpsters, which can contain up to eight cubic yards of waste, are a useful tool for daily waste management because of their compact design and slanted front that makes loading easy.

Rear load dumpsters. A rear load dumpster has a slanted back and extending poles. The hinge-and-winch system is used to dump its contents into a truck. Unlike an overhead movement, the truck manually hooks onto the rear load dumpster and pulls it upwards so that the trash will fall in. Rear load dumpsters are a little more difficult to empty waste into because of their height and the rear slope. They can, however, typically hold more waste and their taller design fits in narrower places.

PRO Hauling’s roll-off dumpsters are also used by local businesses in many applications. They’re staples at construction and renovation sites, as they come in a wide range of sizes. Also, office-based businesses like our dumpsters because they are easy to load, thanks to the hinged door, and are great for getting rid of large volumes of paper and other materials that are no longer needed.

Whether you need a dumpster for your business or your home, PRO Hauling is here to help! Contact us today for your FREE quote!