Do I Really Need A Dumpster?

Written on: April 25, 2022

PRO Hauling makes your projects easy!

dumpster for project pennsylvaniaHave you ever rented a dumpster? Many people haven’t.

If you haven’t rented a dumpster before, you may not understand how it’s done, or why one is a good idea.

PRO Hauling makes renting a dumpster as easy as 1-2-3! That’s because we do all the work. You contact us and give us the details of the project and we’ll give you a FREE quote as well as make sure you have the right size dumpster for your project. On the day you need it, we show up with your dumpster. But we don’t just drop it on your driveway and go. We carefully place it on wood boards, so your driveway is not damaged. When you’re done, or when the dumpster is full, we come and get it, cleaning up the driveway so you don’t have to deal with a mess after we leave.

Renting a dumpster saves time

One advantage dumpsters have is that they’re big. They’re much bigger than the bed of a pickup truck or the back of a van or an SUV. And they’re way bigger than the trunk of your car.

Instead of having to stop work and take time to schlep waste and other items to the dump or elsewhere, you just put it in the dumpster. When it’s full, contact us and we’ll come pick it up and leave an empty dumpster if you need another one. Whether it’s a renovation project, purging ahead of a move, or emptying a loved one’s home, you can focus on getting the job done!

Renting a dumpster saves money

If you’re having workers haul the waste away from your home, or hiring someone to do it, you’re throwing your money away. Renting a dumpster from PRO Hauling is time-saving and a more affordable option.

There are certain items PRO Hauling cannot take in our dumpsters, such as household appliances, paints, electronics, and hazardous materials including pesticides or pool chemicals. By getting rid of everything else for you, you won’t have to pay as much to deal with removing these materials.

PRO Hauling makes renting a dumpster easy and worry-free! Click here for a FREE quote for your project.