Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Dumpster Rental

Written on: January 29, 2024

PRO Hauling helps you get the job done!

dumpster rental Tunkhannock, PA With the start of a new year, businesses as well as homeowners are looking to clear out things that are no longer needed.

If your business is downsizing, or just needs to get rid of stuff you no longer need or use, PRO Hauling is here to help you with commercial dumpster rentals that are as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Feel free to get in touch with us effortlessly by using our convenient online “Get a Quote” form. Once we receive your request, we will promptly reach out to discuss your project and provide you with a complimentary quote for our top-notch dumpster services.
  2. We guarantee prompt delivery of your dumpster, customized to fit your schedule.
  3. After you have completed using the dumpster, just give us a call and we will handle its removal. No need for you to be present when we arrive. Our service goes beyond simply hauling away the dumpster – we also ensure to sweep the area where the dumpster was situated, leaving behind a clean and debris-free environment.

Strategies for efficient dumpster use

The best way to load a dumpster is to make a plan before you start loading it. For starters, plan what goes in first. Break down cardboard boxes so they can be flat on the bottom of the dumpster.

To prevent loose and light items from blowing out of the dumpster, it is advisable to bag smaller items. Items such as Styrofoam, paper documents, and lightweight construction materials should be placed in a large garbage or contractor bag before being disposed of in the dumpster. By bagging smaller items, you not only ensure their containment but also maximize the available space in the dumpster. These bags can go in after the flattened cardboard boxes as they’ll be compacted by items going in next.

Approach loading the dumpster like a game of Tetris. If you put large items like furniture in, place smaller items on and around it to fill empty space.

Our dumpsters are equipped with a maximum fill line, which serves as a safety limit for transportation. It is crucial to cease filling the dumpster either when you reach the line or before. Exceeding the fill line may hinder our ability to haul the load, resulting in additional time and effort required to remove the items above the line. To ensure a smoother process, please inform us promptly if you require an additional dumpster.

What can’t go in a commercial dumpster?

If you have any inquiries regarding the disposal of items and whether they can be placed in our dumpsters, please feel free to ask us. It is important to note that PRO Hauling is unable to accept certain items due to safety regulations. These items include:

With commercial dumpster rental services from PRO Hauling, your tasks are made easier. Get your FREE quote today!